What we do

VariFitness is a full-service fitness center management, design, and corporate wellness company that specalizes in single and multi-tenant class A real estate. From personal trainers to onsite management, VariFitness will provide and support a team that is built from experience and passion.

How we do it better

VariFitness was built on a strong foundation of professional services, innovative marketing, high caliber instructors, creative programs, and a percise vision for each client.

Our programs implement new ideas and activities to keep your members involved and invested, while educating and enhancing their experience.

We don’t believe in passive staffing. In an indsutry that is very competitive we succede becasue we deliver on performance, operations, a personal training program that accounts for 40% of our revenue, and year over year membership growth.

A no non-sense, proactive, approach. VariFitness offers performance-based, turnkey, onsite management. We deliver on performance, operations, personal training that accounts for 40% of our revenue, industry-leading club and member utilization rates, and year over year membership growth.
VariFitness has an incredible team that as dedicated to the details to implement a design that produces maximum efficiency, usage, and future operations of the fitness center.
We engage your people. They ignite your business. VariFitness helps you build competitive advantage and achieve outcomes that matter by cultivating a culture of wellbeing, one that increases employee engagement and loyalty across your organization.

Why VariFitness?

VariFitness is a performance driven company that optimizes services and facilities to fit your needs. Your facility will perform better, your employees will be more engaged, and your guests will appreciate a service that actually connects with them.

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